Chapter 7 Means Test Analysis Reply

The story begins with a new client we will call Mr. Smith. He comes into your office and explains that he has a substantial amount of debt, but also earns a very substantial income and has no dependents.

He also insists on filing for Chapter 7, as he has heard a friend of his who also earns a substantial amount of income filed for Chapter 7 and received a discharge absolving them of all debt.

Is what’s good for the goose, good for the gander? More…

Know Thy Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee Reply

One Trustee prefers the tax language in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan one way, while the other prefers it another. One Trustee will not accept a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan paying unsecured creditors less than 10%, while another is more flexible. Then there is the Trustee whose procedures seem like they change every 6 months to a year without notice.

Knowing what each Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee in your district prefers More…

Reviewing Your Bankruptcy Files Reply

The 3,2,1 Rule to Bankruptcy Case Management

As if the Bankruptcy Courts and Trustees do not provide bankruptcy attorneys with enough rules to follow. Well here is a simple rule that I learned from New York Bankruptcy Trustee Michael J. Macco when I worked for him as a Bankruptcy Paralegal. It is pretty simple and allows you to stay on top of your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy files prior to a Confirmation Hearing. More…