Why Hire A Freelancer

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the economic advantages of working with a freelance bankruptcy paralegal?

A few basic advantages of hiring a freelance paralegal are the absence of training costs, taxes (e.g. unemployment, social security) and various insurance costs. Your firm will benefit from all of the advantages of having a skilled, experienced paralegal in your specialty who will come to know your firm’s specific needs and build a mutual rapport without the extra expenses and obligation of sustaining a full time employee.

What is the benefit of hiring a freelance bankruptcy paralegal  as opposed to hiring a temp from a staffing agency?

By hiring a freelance paralegal you are more in control of the quality of work you will be getting. You can be confident in knowing that you are working with someone who has the specific experience and skills that you need in a paralegal. The cost of hiring a freelance paralegal can be far less expensive than hiring a temp from a staffing agency, as the costs associated with working with a temp agency involve the agency’s commission on top of what you pay each temp. A temp agency may likely send you a legal secretary who is under qualified and whose work may not necessarily reflect the quality and attention to detail that you require. Practicalities aside, working with a freelance paralegal allows you to build a long term relationship with a legal professional who will come to know the ins and outs of your particular firm.

How does hiring a freelance bankruptcy paralegal benefit a new attorney who is currently operating as a solo practitioner?

For those attorneys who are branching out on their own, the time and cost involved in recruiting and then training a full time employee can take away from your efforts to grow your firm. The stress involved in making sure your employee arrives on time and perform the tasks needed can also be time consuming and costly. Full time salaries require you, the employer, to pay taxes on that salary, and most likely health benefits, unemployment insurance and workers compensation. All of these issues can strip a new firm of precious resources. By hiring a freelance paralegal you increase your firm’s productivity and potential revenue by concentrating your time on obtaining clients and increasing your billable hours.

How can bankruptcy case files or important task related information and documents be effectively transferred back and forth?

Such information can easily be transmitted through email (PDF file or Word document), fax/efax or by express mail (including U.S. Postal Service, UPS and FedEx).

What are the rates and how do you bill for your services?

All work can be billed on a flat fee or a retainer agreement can be entered into, depending upon the task required and/or the frequency. To discuss the fees and your specific needs in detail, please contact me via my contact form. I respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.