Bankruptcy Paralegal – Cost vs. Experience

As with any business owner you are always trying to find ways to decrease costs and increase profits.  We understand these concerns as well but you always have to be mindful of being too frugal, as the saying goes “You get what you pay for.”

In the field as a freelance bankruptcy paralegal in particular, you will find a good amount of a professional and experienced paralegals in the market in which their price range for services to be rendered are in par with what the market can handle.  But always keep in mind that because the price is right does not guarantee the service will be as well.

“I found someone cheaper”

A few of our clients had come to us after having a bad experience with a previous freelance paralegal.  The concerns they would have would be that some had not known how to analyze a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition properly to determine the issues that will arise post petition.  Nor were they savvy enough to pick up on potential dischargeability issues prior to filing from conversations had with the debtor.  When asked how did they come to the decision to hire that individual the answer received the majority of the time is that they were cheaper compared to others.

Outsourced Paralegal services, LLC offers competitive pricing matched with over 18 years of experience providing a level of knowledge and professionalism any bankruptcy law firm desires from a Paralegal.  Contact us to discuss how we can benefit your bankruptcy practice by increasing your work productivity and profits and decreasing your headaches.

Outsourced Paralegal Services, LLC was created with the sole practicing attorney and boutique law firm in mind. Outsourced Paralegal Services, LLC has provided extensive legal support services to attorneys and has filed over 1,000 consumer bankruptcy petitions in states such as New York,  New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Idaho and Georgia.