Bankruptcy Attorneys Leaving Money On The Table

There are instances in which a bankruptcy petition can provide an additional revenue stream instead of the fee an attorney charges for the consultation, preparation and appearance for the debtors bankruptcy petition.

Some attorneys are not aware or not familiar with the additional ways they can assist their clients to better improve their financial situation after the case has been filed besides the discharge of their debts.

An example of the additional streams of revenue that one case can provide are as follows:

  1. Retrieving monies garnished by creditors prior to the filing of the petition.
  2. Retrieving a vehicle after it has been repossessed before the filing of the petition.
  3. Removing secondary liens and Judgement liens from debtors assets.
  4. Redeeming a vehicle that’s value is less then the vehicle loan.
  5. Cramming down a loan on an investment property.

These are just a sample of the additional services that an attorney can provide their clients and what Outsourced Paralegal Services, LLC can assist with your bankruptcy practice.

Outsourced Paralegal Services, LLC was created with the sole practicing attorney and boutique law firm in mind. Outsourced Paralegal Services, LLC has provided extensive legal support services to attorneys and has filed over 500 consumer bankruptcy petitions in states such as New York,  New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Idaho and Georgia.