Bankruptcy Services for Law Firms

The monthly retainer with Outsourced Paralegal Services, LLC includes the following but not limited to:


  1. Drafting of Correspondence
  2. Draft Chapter 7 Petitions
  3. Chapter 7 Means Test Analysis
  4. Draft Chapter 13 Petitions and Plan
  5. Draft Chapter 13 Plans Only
  6. Emergency Draft of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Petitions (within 24 hours)
  7. Electronic Case Filing of Petitions and Miscellaneous Documents
  8. Chapter Conversions
  9. Miscellaneous Motions (i.e. Cram Down, Avoid Lien, Recover Preferential Transfers)
  10. Reaffirmation Agreements
  11. Review feasibility of Chapter 13 Plan prior to Confirmation
  12. Court Prep with Debtor(s) Prior to Initial 341 Hearing


  1. Draft, file and serve bankruptcy documents including Proofs of Claim, Objections to Plan, Settlement Stipulations, Motions for Relief, Certificates of No Answer, Certifications of Default, and Notices of Mortgage Payment Change
  2. Contact with Debtors’ Attorneys and Trustees to discuss resolutions
  3. Daily review of electronic filing notices to stay abreast of new filings such as dismissals, discharges, plans, hearing dates, and miscellaneous filings
  4. Close review of Court Notices and Debtors’ Plans
  5. Daily review of client systems and update workloads
  6. Monitor cases from inception to confirmation


  1. Debt settlement
  2. Miscellaneous correspondence and mailings
  3. Appointment setting

*Please note this list does not constitute a complete listing of services that Outsourced Paralegal Services, LLC can provide.  Please feel free to inquire about other services that are not listed above.

Disclaimer: Outsourced Paralegal Services, LLC is a Freelance Paralegal business intended solely for attorneys. We do not give legal advice nor do we assist the public sector in filling out documents.